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In addition to providing us with oxygen that we breathe, forests and photosynthesis also play a vital role in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping mitigate the harmful impacts excess carbon dioxide emissions can have on the environment.

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Photosynthesis in the forest. How does photosynthesis work?

Photosynthesis - Light-dependent Stage - Post 16 Biology (A Level, Pre-U, IB, AP Bio)

Oxygen has not always been present on earth. It took roughly a billion more years for enough oxygen to collect in the atmosphere to support early forms of terrestrial life. It is unclear just what happened 2.

Types of photosynthesis

It remains one of science's most intriguing mysteries. Share Flipboard Email. Steve Nix, is a natural resources consultant, who managed forestry and wildfire programs, and researched and wrote about forest resources.

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Part II: The Chloroplast

Forest Science. Photosynthesis in the forest. How does photosynthesis work?

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Forest Fact Break: Photosynthesis.