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Essay 2 Comparative Analysis

The best way is that you go with the description of the various points in separate paragraphs. Do not intermingle various aspects but try to describe each in a separate section. This will help you in paying equal attention to each and every argument present in the text.

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For example you are writing an analysis about Autocratic VS democratic Rule. In the first paragraph you can compare definitions of the two approaches. In the second paragraph you can compare the structure of the two systems of rule.

How to Write a Comparative Analysis |

Later on, in next paragraphs you can discuss the functions of the two along with power distributions in each system. So, in this way you can easily structure the comparative analysis essay. April 14, Share this: Twitter Facebook. You may also like. How to Write a Complaint Letter March 18, How to Write a Business Newsletter?

Think of a good hook sentence and then state your thesis. Here is where you state your points and elaborate on your arguments. Each point of comparison should be made into a clear statement provided with supporting details. Do not forget to use the right transition words. Here is the final part of your paper where you state your main thesis again and briefly, but clearly, show the result of your analysis.

There is no need to give any new details here. Depending on your topic, you may either offer your solution in this section or name a list of new questions for further research that arose while you were writing.

Comparative analysis essay

Just start with something simple, and then develop your ideas from there. You may also read an example of one of our comparative essays below:. For readers to understand your intentions, it is essential that you use the appropriate transition words. They identify similarities or differences. Below are some examples of common words you may use in your paper:. In the same way… Also… Likewise… Compared to Just like noun In a like manner… Both… and However… On the contrary… But… And yet Otherwise… Unlike… Even though….

Key Elements of Comparative Analysis Paper

Both men and women in the US have equal voting rights. Just like a lemon, a lime is sour.

Let them help you. Even though Portuguese and Spanish are sister languages, they bear a lot of differences. Unlike horses, zebras have striped coats. You might not have any useful comparison essay example to follow. You can, of course, search for some ready-made essays online, but this will not guarantee your success.

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