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And pretty much from that time until he died, 13 years later, my mom took care of him at home. He had to stop his teaching that he loved and playing his bass, which he loved too.

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He had to stop coming to our softball and baseball games and school concerts. He had to stop drinking his scotch on the rocks and reading. Instead he had to spend all of his time and energy on figuring out new ways to move, to chew, to talk and just to be.

It was difficult to watch sometimes. And it was super hard to see my mom having to do so much extra work.

Computer programs list your resume

My brother and sister and I helped some, but it really was my mom and dad doing most of the work. Several years after my dad died I was talking to my mom, and I said that in all the time dad had struggled after his stroke, I never saw him be depressed, or stop trying. He still cracked dumb corny jokes like he always had. He still laughed loudly and freely when he thought something was funny, which was often. And not always what I thought was funny!

An active member of organizations like the National Honors Society, Black Student Union, and Knitting Club, she expresses her love for writing through her leadership roles as editor-in-chief of the nationally recognized school newspaper, 'The Blake Beat,' and as president of the Creative Writing Club.

Media and Communications, BA Hons | Undergraduate prospectus | University of Greenwich

She has given back to her community by obtaining over community service hours. She owes her success to her family, friends, and writing mentor Amy Branson. Artistic Statement I don't think I've ever considered why I was interested in writing before. It is something as intrinsically tied to my being as my hair or eye color. In that vein, there was never one moment I realized I wanted to write. The heavens never opened up, and God never strode out and declared, "You shall write. Most of my life seemed impermanent and abstract; two of my best friends moved away when I was a child; my father moved to California, and then to Florida, after my parents divorced; and I felt race-less, community-less as a white looking biracial girl in an African American household.

Writing made my life feel concrete. If I could just capture a moment in words, it was real and it was permanent.

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Teenage mother. Housewife of a Wall Street billionaire. Do you think crime?

Essay contest red ribbon week with high frequency circuits homework solution to help

Extravagance and perpetual festivity? After coming to America, my family moved from a grease-smelling garage-sized tenement sheltering fourteen people to a house of our own on a scenic street.

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The stereotypes I had been associated with in the eyes of my counterparts had changed, yet, there was always a monochromatic label that they slapped onto me. Abrams retired after 41 years of service to Montgomery County, including 10 years with the County Government, more than 20 years in non-profit organizations focused on early childhood education, arts and the environment.

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We are proud to continue her legacy for years to come by inspiring students with the Fran Abrams Creative Writing Award. All Rights Reserved. Site developed by Wood Street, Inc. Fran Abrams Creative Writing Award Introduction The Fran Abrams Creative Writing Award, established in , a high school junior who excels in creative writing, as well as Fran Abrams, who worked tirelessly throughout her career to support the arts and humanities in Montgomery County.