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  1. Choosing qualitative or quantitative research methodologies
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Sign up. Lost your password? Academic Resources. What are study limitations? Why do I need to include limitations in my research paper? What kinds of study limitations exist? The following are some major potential methodological issues that can impact the conclusions researchers can draw from the research: Issues with sample and selection Sampling errors occur when a probability sampling method is used to select a sample, but that sample does not reflect the general population or appropriate population concerned.

Insufficient sample size for statistical measurement When conducting a study, it is important to have a sufficient sample size in order to conclude a valid research result.

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Lack of previous research studies on the topic Citing and referencing prior research studies constitutes the basis of the literature review for your thesis or study, and these prior studies provide the theoretical foundations for the research question you are investigating. Our Academic Services. Tags: academic writing tips , manuscript writing , research paper.

How to Decrease the Length of a Research Abstract. Guidelines for Writing an Effective Research Paper. Be the First to Comment! Notify of. Related Posts. How to Decrease the Length of a Research Abstract The abstract is perhaps the most important section of your research paper. Apart from the title, it may be the Heintz, M.

Choosing qualitative or quantitative research methodologies

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  5. Word Count. Remember Me Log in Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Sign up Lost your password? The creation of the initial database of prospective companies took long time, and many times the requests of the researcher were turned down, because most of the companies rarely allow the opportunity for external research. Thus access to the participants and obtaining permission for the research was a major challenge. Secondly the researcher was restricted by time and cost, which determined the choice of more efficient method, such as the questionnaire, instead of the more time consuming focus groups or participant observation.

    In terms of the methodology chosen, there are several limitations which need to be mentioned. The first one is the fact that because of the small sample, the data collected and the findings made cannot be extrapolated on a broader scale. In other words, the generalizability of the results is questionable. Another weakness of the methodology was related to the fact that the researcher used interpetivist approach, which was determined by the nature and the objectives of the research.

    In this sense the results and the achievements of this project can be deemed as biased, because the connections between the different variables have been determined not on the basis of empirical evidence, but on the basis of the analytical and judgemental skills of the researcher, in the context of a particular academic field. This chapter has outlined and justified the research methodology implemented in this dissertation and its validity.

    Because of the nature of the research, the author opted for the qualitative strategy, bound by interpretivist approach. The key research tools were questionnaire, supplemented by interviews with two groups of participants — employees and managers. The participants were carefully targeted and recruited through stratified sampling technique.

    The results were analysed manually, due to the small sample of participants. The major results and findings of this dissertation are discussed in the following chapter. Altrichter, H. Teachers investigate their work; An introduction to action research across the professions. London: Routledge. Bell, J. Cohen, L. Research methods in education. Kirby, M.

    (PDF) Writing a Quantitative Research Thesis | H Johnson Nenty - contgabliabarnsesp.cf

    Silverman, D. Qualitative Research: Theory, Method and Practice. London: Sage Publication.

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